The beginning of December!

December 03, 2020

Ahh, at last; December is here, the last month of the year.  Normally, December is full of decorating your Christmas tree, putting up colorful lights outside the house, drinking lots of hot cocoa and eggnog, and probably the most fun of all, gathering together with your nearest and dearest for celebrations all month long.

This year, you can practically continue to partake in your typical Holiday festivities, but with more caution than ever.  Instead of hosting a Christmas party this year, you could make a few extra batches of your favorite Christmas cookies, and deliver them to all of the guests whom you would have invited if times were different.  With the extra time you will have from not having your annual Christmas party, you could hand-write Christmas cards and mail them to troops that are away from their families at this time, or nursing/assisted living home residents.  Sending out Christmas cards is a fun activity, and it sends the joy of this special season to someone who could use some cheering up!

Keep in mind, 2020 is almost over, but don't completely wish it away just yet, there is still so much you can accomplish.  Remember, each day, we are a little closer to being reunited with all of the people we miss having the opportunity to see, especially at this time of year!

Let's get back to business; have you thought about taking the RMD for 2020?  This year, it is optional, but be sure to consult with your tax advisor before you make a decision.  Do you need to update your beneficiaries?  Give our office a call and we would be happy to chat with you, and send you the corresponding forms to make that beneficiary update!